Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rich Man's Coasters

I made these after a joke my mother in law made. I was making a flip flop coaster and started posting pictures of them. But there was money in the picture. My mother in law asked if I was crocheting money, so I said, "Nope but give me a sec!"

Here is the Pattern:

I used an "I" Hook. I also used some Peaches & Cream cotton that I have.
Light green and Eggshell are the colors I used.
I also used an "F" Hook.

Oh, here is what I did:

Row 1: Chain 24; Sc in second chain from hook and all the way across. (23 stitches) Chain 1 and turn
Row 2: Sc across; Ch 1 turn
*Repeat row 2 until you have 10 total rows*

Fasten off after that.

Attach next color (I attached it into a corner) with a slip stitch. If done in a corner add 2 sc in the same st. Sc all the way across until you have 2 rows of sc for border.

For the Dollar Sign.

With "F" hook, chain 25 for the "S" part. Fasten off. Chain 12 for the "I" part. Fasten off (make 2). Position the pieces on the "dollar" to look like this $ only with two lines.

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  1. This is hilarious! I love it. This would make a great father's day gift. :)

    Now we just need the coin so we can have some cents too! LOL

  2. Very nice, making all that money... :)

  3. April, check out the other posts I did, I am working on a whole coin set.