Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Felt Rich Man's Coasters

Ok, I thought I would make a set of coasters that used the sewing machine because I have tons of felt and I was wondering what to do with it all. So, here is one project. I will try to get the construction too.

For the "Dollars": Trace a real dollar bill on to felt. Cut 8 pieces that are the same size of the dollar. Take 2 pieces of the felt, sew along 3 sides of the dollar. Turn right side and fold over opening and stitch. Then draw a "$" in the middle of the dollar and with a thick stitch go over it in white thread. There is your dollar! I made 4 dollars.

For the "Wallet": I traced the shape of the dollars with extra room. I also did it on a fold. I used brown felt. I then folded my top edges and sewed them so I don't have rough edges. I then sewed along both sides of the wallet. Then turned it right side. You can put the dollars in the wallet.

Dollars measure 14 1/2 cm x 6 cm
Wallet measures 15 1/2 cm x 8 cm

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