Thursday, July 29, 2010

A nifty site with some nifty things.

Well, I was looking at this website: Gifts for Him and I have already made a wish list for there. I think I spent less then an hour browsing their goods and had to stop because there were too many things that I thought I needed! I may not need it, but I know I want it!

If you need any type of gift, whether it is for your dad, grad, husband, son, or really anyone, I have a link for you! Here it is: Gifts for Dad . It is where to go for neat things. This place reminds me of a place to get the gift for the person who has everything!

Well, if any of you wish to make a new mother's wish come true, here is my wish list!

Wellbox Lipomassage Machine

NuBrilliance™ Microdermabrasion System

Whole Body Scale

Shower Radio

Women's Spa Comfort Robe

I told you I already had quite the wish list! I also would like to share an exclusive coupon code for my followers! The coupon code is: 22SAVE for $10 off any online purchase or $70 or more! What a great deal! I love it!

I must say, as I close, I love this store and I can not wait until I can have some of those things. I would love to just have tons of money right now so I can get it all right now. But I am sure if you are a mother reading this, you understand when I say money is tight! Thank you for reading!

A ton of firsts!

My in laws took my husband, son and me to Oregon. This was Calvin's first time being out of California. He also had his first trip to the beach, first life jacket, first trip to sand dunes and tons more. I had my first bowl of clam chowder and wow! It was so good!