Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sandy's Cape Cod Originals!

Well, it is not often I feel a need to brag about something, however, this is something as well as someone that I need to brag about! Awhile back I had bought some patterns which is not normal for me. Normally I just get the free ones and that way it is easy to just share the patterns with friends and with my followers. However, when I saw some of these pictures, I just had to have them!

I mean here is just one of the ones that made me want to have her patterns. Isn't that just so cute! It would make a great photo prop too!

This woman is so creative and just for infants she has at least 181 different patterns you can get. There are also some for preemies. She also has patterns for dolls and such. So, it is not just for babies. So, if you want some great creativity, check out her Etsy page! You can do so by clicking the link provided.

Thank you for looking at her stuff!

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