Thursday, July 29, 2010

A nifty site with some nifty things.

Well, I was looking at this website: Gifts for Him and I have already made a wish list for there. I think I spent less then an hour browsing their goods and had to stop because there were too many things that I thought I needed! I may not need it, but I know I want it!

If you need any type of gift, whether it is for your dad, grad, husband, son, or really anyone, I have a link for you! Here it is: Gifts for Dad . It is where to go for neat things. This place reminds me of a place to get the gift for the person who has everything!

Well, if any of you wish to make a new mother's wish come true, here is my wish list!

Wellbox Lipomassage Machine

NuBrilliance™ Microdermabrasion System

Whole Body Scale

Shower Radio

Women's Spa Comfort Robe

I told you I already had quite the wish list! I also would like to share an exclusive coupon code for my followers! The coupon code is: 22SAVE for $10 off any online purchase or $70 or more! What a great deal! I love it!

I must say, as I close, I love this store and I can not wait until I can have some of those things. I would love to just have tons of money right now so I can get it all right now. But I am sure if you are a mother reading this, you understand when I say money is tight! Thank you for reading!

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